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                     Daily Flow

9:45 Snack & Story

Students need to replenish through snacks while listening to stories that enhance academic, social, or emotional skills.  Calendar and talk of the day will be visited before moving onto our school day.

10:00 Monti Moments

This is a special time to share activities in math, reading, art, science, etc. Children are asked to select their work/play while the teacher checks on the students individually.

10: 45 Circle Time

The children take a break with guided movement, singing, and/or games to reinforce ideas and just to have some fun! 

11:00 Outside

Children and parents will join the class outside. This is a time to care for the animals, say hello to one another and greet the day in the great outdoors!


 12:00 Lunch & Learn

Now it's time to enjoy our lunches from home and sit together. A new story. As children finish, they may continue to openly learn, play, and create in the classroom.

12:30-1:30 Goodbyes 


Students join together for a wiggle session, Spanish and stories.  We say goodbye to our friends and collect our things for home.

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