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Tuition, Hours, & Fees


Tuition is calculated yearly with holidays and summer break included in the costs of quality care. Payments are given monthly for 9 months. Days and hours are set below and have been created to best benefit the children.


Tuition and Fees



9:15-1:15, School, M-F

 $815 monthly

Snack & supplies included, bring lunch


1:15-2:15, Extra Care, M-F

$225 Monthly, Snack included


The Teacher

Ida Smith

Mother of twin boys and teacher of many children over the years. Holds a Masters of Education and a B.A. in English/Literacy. Has held licenses in multiple states for elementary and secondary levels. Taught in both public and private schools. Has received honors and recognitions. Continues to study and learn methods to increase student growth.

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