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Springville Preschool

Montessori Playful

Why Choose SVP

Springville Preschool is a home-based place of learning run by an elementary teacher. A small class size means lots of attention and care for your child. Montessori and play based learning are at the core of all lessons. This is a friendly and community based micro preschool near the city, and in the heart of the countryside.

Hobby Farm

Situated on a hobby farm with friendly alpacas, chickens, small dogs, cat, and more fuzzies to come. 


Children learn best through play and repitition using all the senses. Focus is on phonics and math while learning science in the great outdoors.


A large and gorgeous play area with room to run, swing set, trails, and garden.

Qualified Teacher

Ida Smith has a Masters in Education and many years of teaching experience in private and public schools. Her own children have given the best understanding to learning.

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